Yvette Padayachy

Description: Airsoft guns for sale! Assault rifle-2 mags and a speed loader comes with the battery but no charger the rifle has a scope and can fire up to  50-60 m Pistol-glock 18 with one mag and little bit of gas comes with a  pistol holder that can be attached to the vest. The pistol is a very strong air soft handgun for close range Vest-The vest has 3 spots for mags and one for the pistol mag and a slot at the back to hold  pistol gas or water. An extra vest as well for beginners with 3 mag holders and a back slot as well. Extra vest with 3 mag spots and a slot at the back Assault rifle holder- Holds your rifle when travelling to a destination to keep it safe Mesh mask- eye protection and  face mask Bullets-0.28 bullets

Publish Date: 28-07-20