MK46 SAW/LMG with upgraded internals and accessories.

Description: The magnifier option is not available anymore. Selling my Mk46 LMG (I assume its a A&K) with accessories and 1 1000 round nut-sack boxmag. The gun has been recently serviced and is working 100%. The gun has the following upgrades: - Full cylinder - Full bearing bushings - New microswitch - 18:1 Dream Army gears - Swiss Arms High Torque motor - Ball Bearing spring guide - M120 spring - O-ring nozzle - Sector delay clip - Madbull red shark bucking - 3d printed Hopup spacers and Clip - Barrel spacers - Madbull Ultimate 6.01mm 509mm barrel. - Shim job, rewire, AoE correction, air seal. -outer barrel stabilized -Rewired to Deans connectors Gun is shooting at 380 fps with .2’s, so around 1.34J. It fires an accurate cluster out to 60m. It is volumed just right for .25’s and .30’s. I kept the Joules deliberately low to reduce stress on the build. At the moment it has a LE M4 stock , M4 barrel extension and a Noveske Amplifier on the front. It is missing its retaining clip for the top cover but I’ve managed to get it to set properly using a bungie cord. The boxmag is a 1000 round box mag that runs on a 9v battery. A 7.4v 1800mah 30C battery is included. I can provide an identical additional battery at a cost. I will also be willing to exchange the Noveske Amplifier and barrel extension with a gold suppressor. I will provide video of the gun shooting with boxmag if well as extra photos of specified parts. I am looking for R5500. An extra 7.4V battery will cost R150. The prices are negotiable but low ball offers are not guaranteed to be entertained.

Publish Date: 05-09-20