G&G SMC 9 - Complete setup

Description: Hi there,  I have an almost brand new G&G SMC 9 for sale originally bought from Walker Wargames in Lyndhurst less than a month ago Reason for sale: Originally bought as a CQB specific weapon it doesn't fit my playing style. So need to sell this to fund another project. Condition: Near mint condition, with NO scratches/scuff marks or any wear & tear. Seen one game and had 4 mags shot through it Included in the deal: G&G SMC9 2 x Greengas mags Reflex sight Silencer Orginal Box, manuals and flash hider

Publish Date: 05-08-20


Description: Hi there,  We have an almost brand new G & G RK74 CQB "The short AK in the range" for sale. Reason for Sales: This weapon needs to fund a sniper rifle that the team member rather wants to pursue Included in the deal: 1) G&G RK74 - CQB 2) 3 X G&G RK74 Midcap mags 3) SCAR Type screw-on silencer with flash hider 4) 7,4volt Lipo battery 5) PEQ battery box casing Not included in the deal but shown in the picture: Scope, Front hand grip

Publish Date: 28-07-20

BDV ModPod folding Bipod - Black

Description: I have a almost brand new set of BDV ModPods folding bipods for sale. These things have only been used ones in a DMR style mockup I did on my RK74. New they are R900 + but everyone is sold out. My Price R800

Publish Date: 22-07-20

G&G RK74E Jokerman Edition

Description: Hi everyone, I have decided to put my MUCH loved baby in the market. Reason for sale: I need this sale to fund my next project sadly Condition of Rifle: As close to new as possible can, with no scratched, scuff mark or wear & tear Specification: G&G RK74E bought from Walker Wargames new +/- 2 years ago Performance: 385fps with .20 weighted bbs and a ROF = 18bbs Upgrades: None, as this rifle shoot extremely accurate and consistent Included in the price: 1) G&G RK74E 2) 6 X G&G translucent 125 round mags (Fitted with Magpul tabs) 3) G&G Hinge allowing the M4 stock to be collapsed (Imported G&G hinge and fitted) 4) DueceDefense RTS-2 Angled Backup sites 5) G&G Patriot Mock Flash Suppressor (Imported from G&G and fitted) 6) MagPul left & right transition sling point (Custom Designed for the AK) I'm looking at R7k as this rifle now would cost you close to R10k to build with similar specifications Not included but show in the pics (Could be sold separately): 1) Holosun HS403B 2MOA LED T-1 Reddot (Bought from Dave Sheer as this is a real steel red dot) - R3500, also fitted with a custom printed scope protector on the sight 2) Strike Industries Front handstop (Imported from the US) - R1000 3) KM ACC Thumb Grip - R200 4) Front M-lock Picatinny side rails (Used for attaching accessories) - R400 5) BDV ModPod Folding bipods - R800

Publish Date: 20-07-20