airsoft Gear for sale

R3 000.00
Posted by Eric Salzmann on 23-11-20
airsoft Gear for sale

Selling the remainder of my Airsoft gear. I want to sell it all one shot so the price is for the lot.

Handheld grenade launcher / Flare gun

Radio Gear
Zartek Pro 8 - Brand new battery and ear piece. 
PTT and headset for the Zartek Radio. the PTT is a bit faulty, doesn't seem to transmit but I'm sure someone with a little electronic knowledge can fix it. 
Motorola - Not sure which model and base station. The original Motorola charger's wire is broken (can be fixed) but there is a replacement charger.
Handset for Motorola Radio, doesn't have a belt clip.

Intelligent Balance Changer and US style plug

Protective Gear
Plastic Mich 2000 helmet with 2 covers and that strap thing
Fingerless Gloves
Full finger gloves with hard knuckles
Full finger soft gloves
Dexter Medows Knee pads (missing 1 clip on one of the pads)
Dexter Medows Elbow pads

(All uniforms are larger approx 34-36 waist, to give you an idea I'm 6 foot and the 34-36 waist)
3 tone Desert cam - This is an original uniform complete with insignias + Boonie hat
Replica Digital desert camo + Boonie Hat
Replica That swamp camo(Cant remember what its called) + Belt and Boonie hat

Stuff I couldn't upload photos of (I'll gladly send)

Pair of well worn Fuel boots size 10/11

3 day assault pack
Gear bag

Collection of Random items
Random lenses for an old set of goggles plus strap (Frame got detroyed)
Random AK mag (Not sure what it will fit into)
Muzzle bag
reversible arm bands

want to sell the lot at once, I am open to reasonable offers. 
Buyer pays for shipping

If you are interested, want more pictures etc. contact on 072 610 6908 or email me at [email protected]

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