Customized G&G GC16 "Predator" AEG

R8 500.00
Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality
Posted by Vincent van den Berg on 27-07-20
Customized G&G GC16 "Predator" AEG

Fully upgraded new G&G Predator AEG. Free Shipping included. 

This replica has not been used and was intended to be sold as a fully upgraded AEG for players who want the best parts without having to go through the process of guessing what's needed, and waiting on a Tech to do the upgrades.

Using 11.1v LiPo Batteries is essential due to the upgraded spring. Weaker batteries may not cycle the gearbox completely. Battery and Charger are not included. 

This brand new G&G GC16 Predator was given the following upgrades:

- G&G M120 Spring (Now shooting at +- 407 FPS with 0.2g BB's. Will drop slightly as the spring settles.)

- Mock Suppressor

- New stainless steel air cylinder - polished by hand to smooth finish.

- Modify Flat Hop Bucking (will have to be broken in with +- 500 rounds.)

- Sector Gear Delayer to allow BB's to feed properly under rapid fire.

- SHS Piston with Polymer body, full metal teeth.

- Aluminium Piston Head with stretched G&G Green O-ring for better compression.

- Maple Leaf 6.02mm Inner Barrel (290mm long.) Hand lapped & polished for smooth inner surface.

- MAXX ME-Pro Hopup Chamber. (All accessories included for R-Hop etc.)

- MAXX Double Air Seal Cylinder Head.

- MAXX 21.5mm Double O-Ring Air Seal Nozzle.

- G&G ARP Flat Trigger Unit with added rubber buffer to prevent damage to ETU Micro Switch.

- All original parts that were changed out are included in the box.

Modifications Explained:

Outer Barrel:

The hand guard was removed and the thread protector at the end of the barrel was removed in order to allow the fitting of suppressors, compensators or other 14mm CCW accessories. The thread protector is held on with a small grub screw, forcing the user to disassemble the front end of the rifle to fit accessories. This has already been done. Thread protector is in the box.

Inner Barrel:

The inner barrel has been replaced by a 6.02mm Maple Leaf barrel. This was hand lapped with diamond paste and then polished to a smooth finish and cleaned. (I lost count of how many passes were done, but there were some hours involved...!)

The barrel was then wrapped with "PTFE Tape" on the outside to give a tight fit into the outer barrel and help suppress shock from the AEG firing. This also prevents the barrel from rattling around and changing your groupings when firing.

This was then mated to the MAXX ME-PRO Hopup Chamber with a "Modify Flat Hop Bucking" designed for BB's of 0.25g and above, to get those long distance shots.

You will have to dial the hop in when first using the AEG in order to accommodate your preferred BB's.

(Note that new buckings do have a break-in period of around 500 shots to settle.)


The plastic air nozzle was replaced with a MAXX Aluminium Double O-Ring nozzle, which is slightly longer than the original. This allows for a tighter air seal between the gearbox and hop chamber, and keeps the FPS from deviating, with a change of only 2-3 FPS per shot when tested.

The Cylinder Head was changed from the plastic one to a MAXX Double O-Ring Aluminium head. I also added a rubber buffer to the inside to correct what is called the "angle of engagement." This is fairly complicated, but there are a range of videos online to explain this. But it helps to relieve a lot of stress inside the gearbox and gives the AEG a slightly faster rate of fire when using LiPo batteries. The last two metal teeth were also shaved to ensure the gears mesh properly.

The air cylinder was changed from the brass one to a stainless cylinder with a 90% air volume. This was also polished with a dremmel to provide the best air seal possible.

The piston and piston head were replaced with an aluminium head and polymer body with full metal teeth.
The original items are plastic and tend to crack and shred after a few months of playing, so were replaced. 

The o-ring on the piston was stretched under high heat for 20min while soaked in silicone oil. (I did NOT use a lighter, but an electric heater on high, to prevent damaging the O-ring.)

The stock spring was replaced with an M120 spring to increase the FPS for open field games.

While the spring is still new, it may not be suitable for CQB fields with an FPS limit of 400fps. The spring will eventually settle down to below 400fps.

A delayer was added to the Sector Gear in order to allow better feeding of BB's under rapid fire. 

The stock trigger was swapped out for a Flat Trigger used in the ARP 9 range. Made by G&G and designed to be used with the MOSFET in the AEG. I also added a buffer pad to the trigger contact to extend the life of the micro-switch in the trigger unit and to give a shorter trigger pull.

Base Model for the AEG is a brand new G&G Predator. Full specs can be found here:
All accessories that come in the box are provided as well as all the original pars that have been changed out. 


As this is an expensive AEG, I am offering a 6-month limited warranty on all internal parts subject to normal wear and tear and fair use. Abuse of the replica will void the warranty. Damage from dropping, falling, water ingress, negligence, battery malfunction or abuse and mishandling will void the warranty.

Shipping outside of Gauteng province will be at the buyers expense. I can deliver within the Gauteng region over weekends. 

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